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Wild game recipes are so popular where we are in Montana, and they have been popular at our house for years — even when we lived in other states. This wild game recipe is my favorite so far: homemade sausage patties. I had looked for sausage recipes online for some time, and when I found Gluten Free Goddess’s “Gluten Free Maple Apple Breakfast Sausage” recipe, I was hopeful it could be converted to wild game — specifically deer or elk meat. I played with it a bit and the recipe below was born.

As someone who is as “baking challenged” as I am, any attempt at baking bread is approached with dread and fear — and gluten free bread? Oh my. A good friend of mine who is gifted at all things homesteading, from bread baking to cheese making, the talented Sarah Milligan shared a gluten free bread recipe from Gluten Free Girl, along with her recommendations for even greater chance of success. She played with this recipe, and I believe she has done a bit of magic — if I can make this gluten free bread recipe successfully, anyone can.

Gluten free pancakes like these make us love the way we eat. When I came across the “Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes” from Healthful Pursuit, I knew we had to try them. From that healthy recipe, I have redeveloped it into a true family favorite, particularly with my athletic kids and hard working husband, all of whom need the large amounts of protein packed into each nutrient-rich pancake. Gluten free, dairy free, and cane sugar-free (except for the small amount in the 85% cacao chocolate bars we use), it’s amazing how great they taste.

Gluten Free Recipes - Zucchini Pancakes

These gluten free zucchini pancakes took us completely by surprise. Somehow Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Zucchini Pancakes recipe made it to the top of my (extremely tall) “recipes to try” pile. I collect recipes from all over the internet, from TV segments, and my favorite cookbooks, never paying attention to whether they are gluten free, sugar free or dairy free. This zucchini pancakes recipe is a winner! – Healthy Recipes from Tiffany

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