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Healthy recipes, wellness tips, and ideas to help good food and fitness habits finally stick. These things are “normal” to us in the same crazy world you live in. My 17 year old daughter, Miranda, and I can get pretty scrappy,d and are committed to doing whatever it takes to get you back on track. ~ Tiffany

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Better Body Wannabe - the BookNeed a kick start to get you going? Our revolutionary book, Better Body Wannabe, is inspiring people to work out.

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Healthy Recipes and Fitness TipsTransfer of Health is a clearinghouse of the best information out there. Miranda and Tiffany scour recipes, articles, and research, as well as interview the the most amazing experts to provide you with timely and do-able information and recipes to help you right now.

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VIP Food and Fit ClubWhatever your diet and goals, get help with the VIP Food Group. Free, premium, and bundled memberships available.

Meal Planning • Time Management • Cooking Help and Q & A • Grocery Lists • Goal Tracking• Recipe Clarification and Substitutions

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Miranda Says NO - and So Does Science When we are in our small town grocery store, our food choices are so limited. We can...

Do you feel the excuses? If it hasn’t worked in the past, we want to help. Getting into the right foods is easier than you think. Call or email us so we can help you do it! ~ Tiffany

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This protein bar recipe is so very easy, and I'll tell you what - these buggers disappear so fast! It's a good thing they...

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This recipe has been a God sent. We love a good wild game recipe, and our freezer is full of unmarked roasts. I never...

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