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About Us

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Contributor and author, Tiffany Youngren, and her daughter Miranda, bring the very best experts and information directly right to you! Even with limited access to health food and gyms you will lose weight, eat great, save time and money, stick with it, and feel better with Tiffany and Miranda leading the way – holding hands in a chain that won’t let each other go.

The Youngren family lives in Columbus, Montana and Tiffany started Transfer of Health a few years ago when her husband, Duane, got really sick, then recovered. Tiffany and Miranda now help people — on any diet and at any fitness level — plan and execute a lifestyle that is healthier today than yesterday using a “3 legged stool” system.

1. Motivation (we just published “Better Body Wannabe” to help with this)

2. Information (recipes and articles at TransferofHealth.com)

3. Coaching and Planning (our exclusive VIP Food & Fit Club at VIP.TransferofHealth.com)

Healthy Recipes and Fitness Tips


About Tiffany, Founder of TOH

As Featured On EzineArticles Tiffany YoungrenI get so excited about helping people become healthier. We are a pretty average family who grew up going to the doctor, eating lots of fast food, and really only scaled back pizza nights a couple of weeks ago.

A recent life threatening illness we experienced with my husband forced us a bit, and subsequent health issues have underscored the urgency we have come to believe everyone will face at one point or another.

To learn more, read “A Gift of Urgency,” which tells the story of my husband’s illness and road to a miraculous recovery.

We have run many businesses, had very active kids, volunteered extensively, yet still incorporated many wellness choices over the years. I am very confident that #IfICanDoIt, so can you!

Transfer of Health is a source of healthy recipes, wellness tips, fitness articles, alternative care, and how to be healthy for busy, budgeting people just like you!

I am passionate about busting through the lies fed to us by the drug companies, doctors, and government that make most of us fat and in pain. Knowing the truth, forming a mind set to take care of your body, then saving money doing it creates an invigorating and liberating lifestyle that will absolutely transform your body and energy level in 90 days.

Mother / Daughter Team

Miranda and Tiffany YoungrenTiffany was thrilled to bring her daughter, Miranda, onto the team in 2014 as head of Community Outreach. Tiffany and Miranda, together, lead the VIP Food & Fit club coaching sessions, create Transfer of Health videos, cook, develop recipes, and work with people to help them feel better and get skinny through food and fitness.

What you will find at TOH


I love to cook, love to try new recipes – and truly enjoy talking about and collaborating in cooking. We are huge “foodies” who love amazing cuisine. If the food isn’t good – I won’t make it twice (and we have developed very high expectations). If you have a recipe for me to try that is gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free, please submit it to me – if it is posted, even a variation, you will get a link back and credit on the page!


We are all about sharing the information we find. One great project featured here is 12 WEEKS OF TRAINERS, which gives you a preview of the book, “Better Body Wannabe: 12 Top Trainers Reveal the Real Skinny on  Eating and Exercising for a More Healthy, Happy, and Fit YOU

VIP Food Group

Sign up for meal plans, grocery lists, support, meetings, and webinars to help you eat better each week.

What We Are About

  • Making simple changes that stick
  • Gathering information from many sources
  • Offering products at the lowest possible prices
  • Letting YOU drive the direction of TOH
  • Can Do” Attitude
  • We believe gluten, dairy, and sugar are toxic
  • Valuing the opinions of professionals who also value the opinions of other professionals

What We Are NOT About

  • Judging the shortcomings of a sincere effort
  • Letting food become the “boss” – whether it dictates that we eat poorly, or pulls at our tendency to obsess about eating perfectly – it is NOT the boss. People are far more important. We will eat junk food to spend time with our friends, if need be, but try to prepare and plan so that is rarely necessary.

Eating well, exercising, getting the best health care possible is what we are about. My days are dedicated to helping you find new and fun ways to become even a little healthier today than yesterday. My family allows me to do it. If it helps you, please participate by commenting, buying from our store, and contributing recipes and articles. Thank you, and I hope you feel great! ~ Tiffany (and Duane)

Duane and Tiffany Youngren started their journey to discover what is alternative care / alternative medicine when Duane suffered a debilitating illness that nearly took his life. Transfer of Health shares information and products for natural healing, health, nutrition and homeopathic remedies.