Wild Game Recipe – Pressure Cooker Roast


This recipe has been a God sent. We love a good wild game recipe, and our freezer is full of unmarked roasts. I never know until I unwrap the lovely piece of meat whether I’ll need to slow cook the roast or if it is a lean piece of meat with no connective tissues (in which case, I would sear and bake until medium rare).

In the case of roasts with lots of connective tissues, I used to have only two choices: slow roast in the oven or in the pressure cooker. If you have a few hours to cook a roast in the oven, please feel free to do so.

However, one of my new favorite pieces of kitchen equipment is my 6 quart pressure cooker! We are so busy, and when I get home I just don’t have 4-6 hours to slow roast our gorgeous elk or deer meat. The pressure cooker, I believe, does even a BETTER job than the crock pot OR the oven, and in only an HOUR!

Here’s how we do it.


Wild Game Recipe – Pressure Cooker Roast

Wild Game Recipe – Pressure Cooker Roast

When pressure cooking, it is extremely important to follow the directions given with your own pressure cooker model. Most user manuals are available online. ALSO -- COOKING TIMES VARY BASED ON ALTITUDE. The last thing you want is a dry, ruined pan and roast when you are done, so pay close attention.

Other than following the directions carefully, you are golden! Your meat is going to be so delicious. It goes well on rice, vegetables, or vegetable mash.


  • 3 Pound Elk, Deer, or Beef Roast
  • 1-1/2 Cups Red Wine
  • 1/2 Cup Water or Stock
  • 2 TB Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cumin
  • Cayenne
  • Other spices


  1. Cut roast into 4-6 large pieces.
  2. Generously salt every side of every piece of meat.
  3. Season every side of each piece with cumin, cayenne, pepper, and other spices you like (garlic, basil, etc).
  4. Put all ingredients into pressure cooker.
  5. Cook according to the pressure cooker's manufacturers directions, making adjustments for altitude and weight of meat. Ours cooks in 60-65 minutes, then we allow our pressure cooker to cool naturally.

We use three pound roasts, which give us great left overs. Using fewer ingredients only helps the flavors — and simplifies dinner! Who would have thought such a freaking phenomenal dinner could be so simple!


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