Why Juice?

Why Juice - Health Benefits

Understanding why juice can give your body a truly remarkable boost is powerful motivation to put in the little effort necessary for juicing.  Once you start, you’ll wonder what you’ve been waiting for all these years!Pin It

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Why Juice Can Give You New Life!

Why Juice - How Juicing Boosts HealthWhy. This. Movie Moved. Us

We were “sold” on the idea of juicing before we even watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” yet were still incredibly moved inspired by the movie.

  • Inspired us to juice while on the road – and gave ideas on HOW juicing works, even when traveling.
  • The “main character” turned out to be a surprise.
  • Grass roots effort done extremely well. Shared why juice helps the body done through a quality film.

Thank you to The Sean and Laura Spectacular for the Featured photo, under Creative Commons Licensing.


Where to Buy Breville JuicerWould that Breville juicer Joe uses be a great addition to your kitchen (and trunk of your car)? Click here to buy it online from Chef’s Catalog (price changes, but was just under $150 as of 1/12/2012). Or get the upgraded version with blender.


Do You, or Will You, be Juicing this Year?

How do you feel? What are your expectations? Suggestions to others who juice? Please comment below.

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