The Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet - Body Cleanse

What is an “alkaline diet”? Have you been feeling a little off balance? Balanced body pH (balance of body chemistry alkaline and acid) is absolutely vital for immune health, supporting your body’s ability to heal itself and contributing to your overall well-being.

Balancing Your Body Chemistry

by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Founder and President of Genesis Today, Inc.

In order to feel your best, it’s critical that your body is comprised of more alkaline than acid. Our bodies keep large alkaline reserves to meet the demands of a diet containing acid-producing foods.

When these reserves are depleted beyond a 3:1 ratio, your health can be threatened by allowing yeast, viruses, cancer cells, and parasites to thrive, which may contribute to conditions such as chronic fatigue, allergies, arthritis and others.

The Alkaline Diet for Good Body pH BalanceAlso, if your body becomes too acidic, it will start calling on your body’s alkaline minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. If you continue to eat those acid-forming foods, you will create a mineral deficiency that can severely impact your health.

Some common acid-producing foods that I recommend you avoid are sugar and artificial sweeteners, processed foods, prepared foods containing preservatives, corn, alcohol and beer, fermented foods and aged cheeses, eggs, meats, lentils, cooking oils, grains and yeasted breads, coffee and many more. Stress and tension can also cause your body to be acidic, so you’ll want to make sure that you manage your stress levels as well.

Great choices for alkalizing foods that you’ll want to fill your diet with include almost all fruits and vegetables, mineral water, greens and green juices, yogurt, orange juice and potatoes. You should strive for an 80% alkaline, 20% acid balance in your diet to support your health.

Here are a Few Quick Tips

To give you a jump start on a happy, healthy alkaline body:

  • First go on a 24-hour liquid vegetable juice diet to cleanse excess acid waste.
  • Drink 8 ounces of tomato juice daily with a teaspoon each of: wheat germ, brewer’s yeast and lecithin.
  • Drink 1-2 glasses of plain, unsweetened cranberry juice daily.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, which helps flush acids out of your body. Add lime juice or lemon juice to every glass of water you drink. Lime is very alkalizing and so is lemon, but lime is more so.
  • For 3 days, try to eat only fresh, raw foods to help your body complete the alkalizing process. Cooked foods tend to increase acidity.
  • Eat a diet of 80% alkalizing foods including fresh and steamed vegetables, sprouts, fruits, fruit juices, miso soups, brown rice and ocea vegetables.
  • Keep acid-forming foods to 20% or less. These foods include: caffeinated beverages, meats, dairy (except yogurt), eggs, lentils, peanuts, cheeses, yeasted breads, processed and prepared foods and sweets – sugar is very acid-forming.
  • Exercise every day. Exercise helps oxygenate your blood, tissues and cells and supports detoxification. Acid is removed from your body through your skin (by sweating), as well as other channels of elimination such as your lungs, kidneys, bowels and lymphatic system.

Once you start to get rid of the excess acidity in your body, and it begins to balance itself, you can follow a more relaxed acid/alkaline dietary plan to maintain a healthy balance. You may consider getting pH test strips to test your body’s alkalinity/acidity. A healthy pH should be around 7.4 with a pH below 7.0 being acidic and a pH above 7.0 being alkaline.

At first it may seem overwhelming, but I know that you can do it! I wish you the best of luck on your journey to obtaining an optimum balanced body chemistry that will leave you feeling great and ready to take on each and every new day!


Dr. Lindsey Duncan - Genesis Today Inc.Dr. Lindsey Duncan is the founder of Genesis Today Nutritional Products company. Genesis Today provides alternative health information and nutritional health supplements based on organic whole food supplement principles. His mission is spreading his passion for helping, healing and giving back. Dr. Lindsey often hosts free lectures, appears on major talk shows, news programs and in magazines and newspapers to share his knowledge of super foods, nutrition and health. “I simply want to share my discoveries and experiences with the world in an effort to enrich the daily lives of people everywhere, teaching them that they too can feel great every day! My passionate journey of health, healing and education is based upon the respect and belief in the synergy between ‘modern’ medicine, ‘ancient’ medicine and healing, nutrition, spirituality, and positive thought and perseverance. I live everyday so grateful that I am able to follow my one true passion in life and fulfill my destiny to help people get healthy.” ~ Dr. Lindsey


Alkaline Foods - Acidic Foods

Are You on a Highly Alkaline Diet?

Have you heard of the alkaline diet before now? Do you know which foods are acidic? What other questions do you have? Please comment below.

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