Sweetener Concerns?


If you got annoyed by one or more of our “refined sugar free” recipes, don’t fret. Priorities over perfection!

Gluten Free Swedish Pancake Recipe, for Example

This recipe was created for a family who has, for years, eaten a beloved breakfast many weekends, made with love and generosity by a wonderful dad and husband. The Youngren kids are now teenagers who sometimes don’t want to hear about mom and dad’s desire to eat more healthy.

Just the sugar improvement to our skinny hots
Just the sugar improvement to our skinny hots (not including gluten/dairy omission)

While many families who eat gluten free, raw, sugar free, and use many other healthy eating lifestyles have done so since their kids were little, I believe there are many families today eat more harm than good and would like to take steps towards eating better.

I am in love with this recipe because it eliminates gluten, dairy and processed sugar, but tastes absolutely phenomenal – it is a huge hit even with teenagers who grew up on sugar filled pancakes.

While we could easily eliminate the sweetener from the batter, it just isn’t the same. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of this recipe.  I hope it helps you in your journey! Changes that help you incorporate one more tip, habit, or lifestyle change to live even just a little healthier today than yesterday is really what Transfer of Health is all about.

Tips for People Who Don’t Like Stevia

We dislike the taste of Stevia very much. However, even I don’t notice it when using these two tips:

  • Use PURE Stevia (versus the “cut” version widely available at grocery stores and coffee shops because it is bulked up, making it easier to use in smaller amounts)
  • Use honey in conjunction with Stevia to soften the edges.

Other Sweetener Tips

  • Fruits by nature are very sweet, so any recipes that include dates, apples, grapes, or other fruits typically won’t need much, if any, sweeteners.
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, almond extract, and other “warm” flavors and seasonings give the “feeling” of sweetness, often reducing the amount sweetener needed.
  • Sometimes a little salt brings out flavors you may think you’re looking for in sugar. Weird, but true. If you forget the salt in a sweet recipe, when you add salt it rounds the flavor out – like magic!
  • Nudge your taste buds by using just a little less sweetener than you did last time. Over time, you can train yourself to require less sweetener.


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