Super Fruit, Super Food


Super doesn’t begin to describe these fruits. They are packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, essential fats and especially antioxidants. What’s so great about antioxidants, you ask? They combat free radicals in the body. In short, they’re like Superman, fighting the bad guys before things get out of control. Wondering how each super fruit stacks up?

Super Fruit 101

by Dr. Lindsey Duncan Founder and President of Genesis Today, Inc.



Acai (pronounced Ah-Sigh-EE). The acai berry has been known as the “beauty berry” for centuries by the inhabitants of the Brazilian rainforest where it grows.

› Key Benefits

  • Energy boost
  • Healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Antioxidant levels


Goji (pronounced GO-jee). The goji berry’s nickname is the “happy berry”. This super fruit hails from China and contains an impressive amount of minerals, amino acids, protein, fiber and unique ingredients found in no other food in the world.

› Key Benefits

  • Healthy mood, mind and memory
  • Healthy eyes
  • Natural energy


Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring plant extract, in this case from the pulp and skin of grapes as well as Japanese Knotweed, known for its ability to support a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system.

› Key Benefits

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Youthful energy and appearance
  • Healthy inflammatory responses


Sure, you love chocolate, but did you know? It contains theobromine, which triggers endorphins and serotonin to give you a euphoric, joyous feeling, plus many essential vitamins and minerals.*

› Key Benefits

  • Healthy energy
  • Happy mood
  • Cardiovascular health


Mangosteen is known as the “queen of fruits”. It grows in the jungles of Thailand and has a deliciously sweet flavor, kind of like a cross between a strawberry and a peach. Mangosteen is rich in xanthones (powerful antioxidants), and is one of Asia’s most prized superfruits.

› Key Benefits

  • Healthy inflammatory response
  • Heart health
  • Antioxidant levels


Noni is known as the “canoe fruit” in the South Pacific where it is grown. Noni is a powerful superfruit with a strong, pungent flavor that has been revered by the people of the French Polynesian islands who have known about the many benefits of noni for thousands of years.

› Key Benefits

  • Healthy digestion
  • Cleansing & detoxification
  • Healthy immune function


There is a long history behind sea buckthorn. This small orange berry grows in some of the harshest environments of Eastern Asia, Mongolia and the Himalayan Mountain regions. Sea Buckthorn contains the complete spectrum of Omega 3, 6, 9, and the very rare Omega 7 fatty acids.

› Key Benefits

  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy immune support
  • Free radical scavenging


Dr. Lindsey Duncan - Genesis Today Inc.Dr. Lindsey Duncan is the founder of Genesis Today Nutritional Products company. Genesis Today provides alternative health information and nutritional health supplements based on organic whole food supplement principles. His mission is spreading his passion for helping, healing and giving back. Dr. Lindsey often hosts free lectures, appears on major talk shows, news programs and in magazines and newspapers to share his knowledge of super foods, nutrition and health. “I simply want to share my discoveries and experiences with the world in an effort to enrich the daily lives of people everywhere, teaching them that they too can feel great every day! My passionate journey of health, healing and education is based upon the respect and belief in the synergy between ‘modern’ medicine, ‘ancient’ medicine and healing, nutrition, spirituality, and positive thought and perseverance. I live everyday so grateful that I am able to follow my one true passion in life and fulfill my destiny to help people get healthy.” ~ Dr. Lindsey


What is Your Favorite Super Fruit?

Can’t pick just one? How do you get super fruits into your diet? Please comment below.

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