Stakes Are Higher


How critical can a paradigm shift be? You sure know a diamond in the rough when you see it. I believed this to be such case.

Why Prevent for $1 when Can Treat for $14

I absolutely love the ABC program “Shark Tank.” Seeing the passion and innovation of people among us is so inspiring and encouraging. Little did I know one episode would blow my mind with the reality of what exists in our current traditional health care system. Link to Video (33 minutes into program).

Opportunity Recap

  • Joe Moore presented an opportunity to the sharks.
  • The product is a non-woven nasal filter, currently on the market.
  • Came to the Sharks for capital to fulfill an existing contract from a client in the Saudi Arabia for $8 million over next 6 years.
  • Patent Pending.
  • One quote from Shark, “Would you go $4million?” and his answer …. you have to see it to believe the conclusion.

Question from Shark: “Why not just go license it to one of the big drug companies (33:10 into video)?”

Answer from Entrepreneur: “I did that originally. I went to one of the biggest in the United States, and they told me we were actually a competitor, and if they took the product they would shelf it. Because why would they prevent it for $1 when they could treat it for $14.”

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