Remember to Love Life

Love Life

Never be too busy to remember to love life.

Each Friday I create a “To Do” list for the following week on a dry erase board that serves as my compass throughout any given week. It is a visual guide, and also reduces the amount of anxiety I could feel on Sunday night in anticipation for arriving at the office Monday morning, after forgetting everything I thought was so important when leaving the office on Friday.

Last week’s was a monster list. Typically the tasks are broad and few. This week they were a variety of sizes and plentiful. I was exasperated as I built it, and convinced many crucial tasks were being missed, I kept the four pages of notes that spawned this week’s “To Do’s”.

Another feature of this dry erase board is my high octane motto: “Performance is a daily imperative.” After squeezing the majority of this week’s responsibilities on the board, I neither wanted to nor had room for that motto (which I was certain had created so much performance-driven results the week before, that it had kicked my butt). What I needed was peace, and a will to return on Monday.

So, I decided to humbly write something new at the bottom of this board that has become like a friend to me:

Remember to love life.

What trips up your desire to actually remember to love life?

Do you love life?

Here’s a challenge: do something today that will simply remind you of a piece of joy you hold for waking up each day. <3


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