Meal Plans with Miranda and Mama


Did you hear?

My daughter Miranda is joining Transfer of Health!

This is good news for you, too, because she is such a breath of youthful fresh air to help with meal plans, recipes, and community outreach. She eats even more healthy than we do – and as a high school Junior, how impressive is THAT

This is great news for me because I adore her, and, frankly, she is a blast to work with. Miranda has a way of inspiring people that is unique, and I hope you join our VIP Food and Fit Club, follow us on Instagram, and “like” Transfer of Health on Facebook so you can really see what I mean. I am positively certain you will 100% agree.

Miranda and Tiffany Youngren


Miranda is in charge of Community Outreach. In addition to sending out great content on Instagram and Facebook on a regular basis, she is helping with VIP Food & Fit Club weekly meal plan meet ups!


 Live and Online Meal Plan Help

Speaking of the meal plan meet up: check the VIP website for live events, or take a peek at the past webcasts. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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