Make Perfect Brown Rice


I am going to show you how I make perfect brown rice.

Our naturopath suggested organic, brown rice as a detoxifying food that would, specifically, help my husband deal with the MTHFR gene mutation that causes his heart problems and other symptoms. Rice is a staple in our fridge.For a long time, I refused to make rice because I was so freaked out by the possibility that I’ll ruin it. For years, I did just that. I was so bad at making rice that I even burned it in a rice cooker!

Those days are over. Here is my secret to making rice just how we like it, while reducing the risk of the rice retaining the potential arsenic that has been recently featured in the news.

Not only do I rinse the rice before cooking, but I cook the rice more like pasta. This enables me to cook it to the exact texture I’m looking for, plus I strain out the water the rice cooks in for one final cleanse.

I hope you like it!


Make Perfect Brown Rice

Make Perfect Brown Rice

Make enough rice to put away and use throughout the week; the rice volume will typically double to triple in size. It a great, versatile staple to have to snack on and use as part of a side dish.


  • ORGANIC Brown Rice
  • Wild Rice (optional: 1/3 the amount of brown rice)
  • Water
  • Olive Oil


  1. Rinse the rice. I fill the pan half way with water, stir, strain, and repeat until the water that strains out runs clear. You may also use a mesh strainer to rinse.
  2. Put rice into a pan. The rice should not fill more than 1/4 to 1/3 of the pan.
  3. Fill pan to the top with water, leaving a bit of room in pan for boiling (1" or so).
  4. Bring to boil on high. I set the timer for 12 minutes for a medium saucepan (15 minutes for a large pan) so I don't forget to check the water.
  5. Reduce to low and leave the lid opened a crack so it doesn't boil over.
  6. Cook until rice is the texture you like. I set the timer for 10 minutes at a time to check and stir.
  7. THE WATER WILL NOT ALL ABSORB. When the rice is done, strain out the water.
  8. Lightly toss with a bit of olive oil to keep rice moist while it is stored in the fridge.

Featured image by Mary Thompson underĀ Creative Commons License 2.0.



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