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Have you been wondering how, exactly, you do a “body cleanse”? It can sound strangely appealing – like something everyone seems to try, and those who do usually have great results to share, and hey, it’s only a short-term thing, so why not give it a whirl, right?

Why We Do a Body Cleanse

We tried our first body cleanse at the urging of a nutritionist we know who sells a detox cleanse kit which was composed of two variations of “cleansing” pills. His fundamental reasoning for doing a body cleanse is one with which we still agree: when to putting nutrition into our body, we should start clean; no one would put soap into a dirty, gunky sponge and expect it to be clean.

With that first body cleanse, we took a couple of pills each day and night for a couple of weeks. It was super easy, and the packaging boasted that the herbs and nutrients clean and heal the organs that eliminate waste. It was so easy, and there was no discomfort, but we experienced no results that we could notice.

So What Results do We Expect?

After a detox cleanse, we expect to

  • Weigh less
  • Feel more energetic
  • Have fewer cravings for the crappy foods we avoid

These are also the results I expect for the people who join us in our Kick It Body Cleanse, and that is what has happened.

How To Cleanse

There are so many ways to cleanse, and you are encouraged to do some research for yourself. Here I will share how we do our whole body cleanse.

The Week Before: PREPARE.

If you skip this step, you will regret it: you will be hungry (starving), cranky, and in a lot more pain that you would otherwise be.

1. Try to plan your cleanse where you have 10 days that you can control as much as possible.

Having said that, DON’T WAIT FOR EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME! That time never comes. We are super busy, so every time we do a cleanse we have traveled AND had parties to go to — both situations are extremely difficult during a cleanse. So, do your best to plan at the best time, but don’t wait for the perfect time.

2. Plan your 10 days of food and/or juice. Below are the two main body cleanses that we do, and generally the foods we plan.

BASIC CLEANSE: Vegan Kick it Body Cleanse

Total Body Cleanse Regimen: We use the Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse Kit. (The links here to this product are affiliate links, but I can tell you that we have tried different cleanses, and this is our absolute favorite.) Buy a herbal cleanse regimen that includes a fiber drink and lots of colon and liver cleansing herbs.

Water: Buy enough water for the entire 10 days to satisfy the goal of drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water (for example, if you weigh 160 pounds, drink 80 ounces of water each day).

Juices: We have a morning juice and an afternoon juice. Calculate how many of each ingredient you need for 1 full week of juicing, make the list, and buy it right before you start.

Food: BE PREPARED WITH FOOD TO EAT OR JUICE TO DRINK EVERY 2 HOURS! No joke – be sure you are ready for this. Hunger is the enemy of cleansing, just as it is for weight loss! If you can get used to being prepared for this during a cleanse, it will help you tremendously as you continue your journey to eat healthy after the cleanse.

Preparing for a Total Body CleanseGet a lot of vegetables and some fruits. We pick up at least 8 variations of different vegetables to eat, in addition to the juicing vegetables.

In a perfect week, we have 1 or 2 clean salads and a soup comprised of only vegetables available in our fridge at any given time.

We also buy about 2-3 different fruits each week. We get them all in quantities to feed each person 3-4 servings.

The goal is to fill up on vegetables without needing much of anything else!

TAKE IT UP A NOTCH: Total Juice Kick It Body Cleanse

For a really amazing whole body cleanse, we exclusively drink fresh juice for the first 7 days, then do the vegan body cleanse above for the last 3 days.

When we do a Total Juice Kick It Body Cleanse, we make 4 juices each morning, then in the evening we make 1 smoothie (made of fresh vegetables and fruits, and frozen berries and fruits) and a “dessert” juice (made of mostly fruits and/or sweet potatoes).


Kick it Body Cleanse Week 1: Hard Core Commitment

This first week will show you that you can do anything. If you need help getting through this week, be sure to contact me — we know what you’re going through and are more than happy to help.

It is the most important week, and it is normal to feel good on Day 1, terrible on days 3-5, and start to feel a bit better on days 6-7.

Just remember this: water is your friend, listen to your body, and have lots of good foods on hand so you don’t get hungry. Trust me, too, that if you have the foods prepared that I listed above (especially the juices, salads, and soups), your hunger will stay satisfied.


Some cleansing kits have you take some capsules in the morning, but the Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse Kit is only taken in the evening. Read the instructions on the package of whatever you use; this is what we do:

1. Prepare the juices: For this, you’ll need a juicer. It is best to prepare all of your juices for the day. Although the nutrition may be higher when fresh juices are made then drank immediately, being too tired or busy to make juice in the middle of the day (or at the end of a hard day’s work) doesn’t do anyone any good. At the very least, prepare the juices that you need until 6:00 p.m.

2. Drink your morning juice. Our morning juice — both during a cleanse and every day we’re not doing a cleanse — is our Sunrise Juice. (We have a recipe for this and other amazing recipes at Better Body Wannabe)

3. Drink 10.9 ounces of water with any morning vitamins and/or supplements you take.


Total Body Cleanse - Juice Lunch with Duane
Our packed juice lunch my husband and I took to the park to drink together.

1. Eat and or drink a juice every 2 hours (at least).

2. Drink water. Set goals to help keep this moving; for example, drink one bottle before 8:00 a.m., another before noon, a third before 4:00 p.m., and another with the evening cleanse regimen.

3. Drink decaffeinated, unsweetened tea. I love tea, and the two cups I get each day during a body cleanse is heavenly. Just find a tea you enjoy that is herbal and decaffeinated, and enjoy! Tip: A slice of lemon and/or fresh ginger steeped in a cup of tea can really give it a nice pick-me-up.


This is where the supplement portion of the day picks up. These directions are specifically for the Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse Kit because it is what we use.

1. 30 Minutes before your last meal and/or drink of the day: take 3 Purify capsules with 8 ounces of water.

2. Eat your last meal and/or drink your last juice of the day. Try to time this meal about an hour before bed time. If you take other supplements that need to be consumed with food, be sure do so those at this time.

Total Body Cleanse Fiber Drink3. 30 Minutes after your last meal and/or drink of the day: mix 1 scoop of the Capture fiber powder with at least 8 ounces of water. The instructions say you can mix it with unsweetened juice, but frankly, it is so gross no matter what you mix it with that it is not worth wasting a juice on it. Tip: mix the powder with water and drink it immediately. It will thicken as time goes by. Don’t breath in while you drink it,  but drink it all! We all hate the taste of it, but we just CHUG IT!!! That’s likely what you’ll have to do, so just suck it up and do it. You’re bowel movements will thank you for it.

4. At bed time: Take 3 Remove capsules with at least 8 ounces of water. My husband also takes his evening supplements (like fish oil) right before bed.

5. Get lots of rest. This is so important! Do not take your need for sleep lightly.


Kick it Body Cleanse Week 2: The Happy Place

Total Body Cleanse - Kickin' ItThe good news is that by the time you start Week 2 of a 10-day cleanse, you only have 3 days left! You have also joyously made it past days 3-6, when some people (like me) feel bad.

We often incorporate foods like eggs, rice, and almond butter into our lives during week 2.

We usually are feeling really good by Week 2.

The most important thing about the last 3 days is to BE PREPARED! Most of the food that you bought for Week 1 is gone, so you should have been shopping by Day 8. If not, get shopping! Remember – hunger is the enemy; be prepared, and don’t slack off these last few days.


Once you have completed your cleanse, treat yourself to something healthy that is also amazing, like this watermelon cake.

1. Refrigerate a can of pure coconut milk overnight to separate the solids from most of the water.

2. Slice two chunks of watermelon shaped like and the size of two cake tiers.

3. Strain the liquid from  the can of coconut milk and whip in chilled bowl until the texture of whipped cream.

4. Sweeten with honey and Stevia sweetener.

5. “Frost” the lower tier of watermelon. Add the second tier, and cover the rest of the “cake” with topping.

6. Add berries and cut fruit as desired.

Total Body Cleanse Watermelon Cake

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