How to Chop a Jalapeno Pepper

How to Chop a Jalapeno Pepper

How do I release the seeds from a jalapeno pepper or other hot chili? What about the heat on my fingers? Learn from a true pro – one of my virtual mentors (in cooking, not in social strategies), Chef Gordon Ramsay. I use chili peppers in many of my dishes, and found this very short helpful.
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How to Cut a Jalapeno Pepper or other Chili


How to Chop a Jalapeno Pepper

I love jalapenos! Thank you to E V Peters for the “How to Chop a Jalapeno Pepper” Featured Image.

What are your favorite jalepeno pepper or other hot chili-cutting- tips?

Do you have any good habanero, poblano, or jalapeno pepper recipes?

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