How to Be Healthy Today: Simply

How to be Healthy - Tiffany

It is our vision to team up with the most brilliant experts and passionate enthusiasts to learn how to be healthy, and present ways that all Americans can experience Personal Health Care Reform.

We often hear reports of the declining health of people throughout our amazing country, yet “Health Care Reform” on the news seems to mean “How to Pay for the Current Health Care.” Doesn’t seem like Health CARE Reform, but Health Care PAYMENT Reform.

Make one small change today that will help you feel better and look even more fantastic than you did yesterday.

How to Be Healthy Simply:

  • Let water be your main beverage. One glass of juice and up to two cups of coffee are fine.
  • Use almond, soy, hemp or coconut milk to replace dairy in recipes and cereal.
  • Cook when you have time. Cook enough for 2-3 family servings and store. Tell everyone in your home what you made, and let them know you made it with love for them to eat – so eat it.
  • Clean and prep all vegetables within 24 hours of coming home with them. Tell everyone in the house that they are portioned and ready to be eaten.
  • Measure 4 ounce meat portions.
  • Try at least two new recipes per week.
  • Have a salad or two in the fridge at a time.
  • Never run out of two healthy snack options (examples: hummus and carrots, raw carob balls, gluten free crackers, etc.)
  • Before the day is out, do something active: even if it’s only 10-15 minutes.
  • Try yoga.
  • Talk to someone about your goals.
  • Ask your mentor for nutrition tips.


Duane Tiffany and Miranda Youngren

Why do We Care?

Read the Youngren’s Story, “Gift of Urgency,” to learn more about what prompted us to live better – right now.


What have You Learned about Health?

As you study how to be healthy to lose weight, or to fight a disease, ailment, or for any other reason, what helpful tips have you run into that could help others in their pursuit of having more energy, sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and looking more fantastic today than they did yesterday?

Please share your ideas on how to be healthy!

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