Fruit Leather Recipe


After several attempts at fruit leather recipes over the past 10 years of owning a dehydrator I “just had to have”, and until now have rarely used, this recipe is about as easy and fail-proof as it gets.

Eating raw foods seems to give our bodies the greatest nutritional benefits, but can sometimes get complicated. I found this fruit leather recipe with banana/puree on Pinterest, and couldn’t resist giving it one more try. We are all glad I did!

The pictures from “Rawified,” who provided the recipe, are so beautiful. They use raspberries – I used strawberries. Concerned our fruit leather wouldn’t turn out as robustly colorful because of those strawberries, my family confirmed their preference to strawberries, and on I went with the recipe. Sure enough, strawberries aren’t nearly as bright and red as the raspberry version in the picture, but the flavor is fantastic.

And – oh, how easy this is! We got home late, and I still was able to pop them into the dehydrator in no time!

Fruit Leather Recipe

Fruit Leather Recipe


  • 4 Cups Strawberries (cleaned, stemmed)
  • 3 Bananas
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Water, if needed
  • Coconut Oil
  • EQUIPMENT: Blender or food processor and dehydrator with sheets


  1. Put strawberries and bananas into blender or food processor
  2. Blend, add a few drops water - just enough to blend, but no more than that
  3. Lightly grease dehydrator sheets with coconut oil
  4. Pour mixture onto sheets (these quantities gave me 3 sheets worth), spread thinly and evenly over sheet (I used a cake frosting spatula)
  5. Dehydrate on 105 F overnight
  6. Cut into 6 equal pieces, and roll each piece
  7. Enjoy!

Use any quantity of fruit that you have, with 3/4 as much banana as you use berries.

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