Don’t Lose Weight


I have done an extremely rigorous workout from Beachbody.comcalled P90x for 2 months now. Man, have I ever wanted to give up so many times. What has kept me on track? One simple phrase: don’t lose weight.

Month 1: For the entire month, I weighed an average of 2 pounds more than my initial weigh in.

Month 2: The scale read the same as month one – it stayed there for 55 days into my workout. This week (as I write this I am on day 62) my weight FINALLY widdled down to one pound below my starting weight.

As a faithful “Biggest Loser” viewer, please understand the disappointment I am tempted to feel as I watch, week after week, the hard working contestants lose up to 15 (or more) pounds – in just one week! What have I lost so far? One measly pound, in two, hard-fought months. Even comparing myself to Biggest Loser participants who go home to lose weight could be depressing.

The Scale Lies

So why am I so excited instead of being depressed?

1. I have more stamina and energy.

2. I am physically stronger.

3. I see tiny lines of baby muscles where dimples used to be, which looks much nicer.

4. My attitude is much more positive towards most things that come my way. I think more proactively and clearly.

5. One pound is still one pound – I am confident the muscle that has been built will start to burn fat even faster now.

6. I am smaller and have a better shape.

7. I play more – and have much more fun.

And it’s not over! I still have another month to complete the 90 days of my first round of p90x. After that – Kickboxing!!

My Don’t-Lose-Weight-Loss Challenge to You

Sign up for e-mail updates and we will take this journey together. In the meantime, join me by doing things (or doing MORE of these things) that will change your life.

1. Focus on how to live in a way that makes you feel good.

Good food and moving more DOES make you feel better! I promise. Do it for a month – then tell me if I’m wrong (hint – I’m not).

Getting fit is mostly mental, and once we know healthy “head games” to play on ourselves, the more we can trick ourselves into doing the right thing. The more we do the right thing, the less we have to “talk ourselves into it.” One way of talking ourselves into a healthier lifestyle is by giving ourselves room to fail (“Losing weight is not my goal”) as well as succeed (“I didn’t hit all my goals last week. So what – what are my goals for this week?”).

2. Keep track of workouts and NUTRITION!

You may have heard this hundreds of times, but it helps – it really does! Once you have a system that works, it takes very little time and effort. I have a link to the site where I track my nutrition and exercise right on my Google home page so it’s handy throughout the day, or whenever I need it.

Tip: many, many online food tracking services track only the basic calories, fat, carbs, and sugar. I challenge you to enter your foods into a service like that tracks your overall nutrition. Pay close attention to what nutrients you need more of. A malnourished body is a sad, low performing body.

3. Plan your workouts

I have been talking with trainers around the U.S., and a common theme as to why they believe most people fail to continue to workout is for lack of planning. Know what you’ll do to work out, when you’ll exercise, don’t do too much too soon (another reason many fitness attempts fail), and keep it fun!

Tip: If your workout does not involve going to a gym, studio or training center, join an online group of people doing a similar fitness program, or who share other things in common with you. Life is for sharing – we all need each other!

4. Plan Meals and Prep Vegetables

I can’t say this enough. Prep your food! Have your fridge full of grab and go foods that fit your cravings. It is unlikely you’ll pick carrots over easy-to-grab processed food at the end of a long, hard day. But, if you have cut up vegetables and a healthy dip to add the “yum” factor, it could be an even more appealing alternative to junk food!

5. Drink Water and Dump the Rest

Tea is good, too. You may be sick of hearing it, but this is so important. Don’t “like” water? So what. Set a goal of how many bottles, glasses, or containers you’ll drink each day, set them out in the morning, and drink them. The end. Just do it. PS: Never, ever drink diet soda.

Tip: I always squeeze lemon to tap water. Also – juicing, smoothies, and superfoods are great. Look at those drinks as MEALS, not as your daily water intake.

Starting is the Hardest Part

Once you begin to do one of these things, then another, let them become second nature. Sometimes you’ll forget some, then just pick them back up. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Write down what you’re doing RIGHT, and what you want to improve on.

You do have time. You do have energy. You have enough of everything necessary to at least do one thing. Don’t wait until all the conditions are “just right” or until you have “everything you need.” You have enough right now. Just start. Just press “play”. You can always use the “pause” button – just don’t hit “eject.”

If you don’t start, or if you give up, you will surely fail.

Let the fact that you keep trying be your measure of success.

So, Why do I Believe Deciding to Stay Heavy Can Improve Health?

If we lessen the burden to lose weight, we free ourselves to become healthier – which, in turn, can produce a byproduct of weight loss. Stress produces the opposite – so try giving yourself an emotional break and stop stressing over weight loss.

What are your thoughts?

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