How to Cut Chicken: Whole Chicken Demonstration

How to Cut Chicken - the Whole Chicken

It is AMAZING what we can do with $5-6 worth of chicken! If I can do it, you certainly can, too. If you buy chicken breasts in a packet, please take the time to watch FoodMatters. When we buy just chicken breasts, and we occassionally still do, I feel terrible that I may be contributing to farmers raising breast-heavy chickens. Teen boy humor aside, breast heavy chickens are sad and very gross.

Demonstration: How to Cut Chicken

How to Save Money Using a Whole Chicken

How to Cut Chicken - the Whole ChickenThe good news is that you can SAVE MONEY hand over fist by cutting up your own chicken. After you tackle your first 2 or 3, you’ll be hacking those babies apart as quickly as you can trim up 4 chicken breasts. Your chicken will TASTE BETTER, and you will have much more CONTROL over timing and ingredients.

Why not just roast the whole chicken? Oh yeah – I love roasted chicken, and so does my husband, Duane. There are few things better than all four of the closest people in my life devouring the food I make, telling me how amazing it is. The fact of the matter is that not EVERYONE in my family prefers moist, beautifully seasoned, perfectly roasted chicken to chicken tenders. Go figure.

Mama Loves Her Kids Home for Dinner

My 19 year old son hung around the house longer today, deciding to wait until after dinner with the family to go back to his apartment, once he smelled the aromas of mama’s cooking. Tonight’s protein was one whole chicken. I parted it, removed the breast from the bone, cut the breast into chicken nugget strips, and made up some gluten-free breading for fried chicken and chicken tenders.

Gluten Free Fried Chicken RecipeWe prefer organic chicken, but sometimes $5 for a whole “natural” chicken versus the $20 for the grocery store’s organic chicken that is the same size will just have to do. Each week we check the farmers market for organic chicken (which really is better, and actually usually less expensive than the grocery store). Organic chickens at our farmer’s markets are typically sold out or not available, and we missed last week’s market. Don’t give up on us, we’re trying.

After cleaning the gizzards from the chicken, I cut the spine out, and pieced it out.

I was pretty intimidated when I worked up enough courage to start cutting whole chickens up only a couple of months ago.

Be brave – tackle it! You may surprise yourself. And the confidence you will gain in the kitchen will be well worth the effort.

My $5 Chicken

From our $5 chicken we made

I can’t wait to hear how your chicken experience goes! Please comment below:


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