5 Reasons October is the BEST Time to Get Going!


Yes, it’s true, most people get rolling with their healthy eating and fitness goals as New Year’s Resolutions. Then we hear the news tell us all the reasons why New Year’s Resolutions DON’T WORK!

My antidote to that: start ramp up my fitness and eating goals in October.

Here are  5 reasons why October is the best month to start working out:

1. October 1 is not too close to the holiday season.

You have almost two full months before Thanksgiving. By then, your body will love the way it feels from how well you’ve treated it for so long! Your habits will be developed, you’ll have so many great snack, dessert, and potluck ideas that you are going with your guns blazing for success through the holiday season WITHOUT feeling like you’re missing out.

2. As the mornings and evenings get darker, working out will brighten your mood.

Those short days full of more rain and gloomy weather could really bring you down. Even though your Vitamin D intake is reduced, those great endorphins from working out and incredible nourishment from eating healthy will brighten your day!

3. Beat the Cold and Flu Season

Eating well and working out will give your body so much more to fight off the cold and flu bugs that run rampant in the fall and winter. Give your body that advantage early on!

4. Make Your Resolution Bound Friends Jealous

Ok, I don’t really mean that. But you KNOW you’re going to feel great with 3 months of great habits, fewer pounds, a smaller dress size for parties, and far more energy when your friends are just starting their New Year’s tradition of beginning what you have already KICKED!!

5. You’re Thinking About it Anyway!

How did your work out go last year? Did you feel awesome in your bathing suit? If not, I have 6 words for you: do not let that happen again! You’re thinking about it now; you’re here reading why to start eating healthy and working out, so you must want to; and you know what you need to do! So do it. Why is now the best time ever to get going? Since now IS a great time, I’ll let you procrastinate a couple of days so you can start on October 1.

If you need any help or encouragement, please let me know.

Take care and God bless!!

~ Tiffany



 Image by Rance Costa, used under Creative Commons License 2.0.

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